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Main Building

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When first entering the camp grounds, you will see the Main Building.  Inside, you will find the Office, Lounge, Dining Room, and Motel Rooms.

The Lounge has a comfortable setting with a fireplace focal point.  It is suitable for hosting group sessions, playing your favorite board games, and relaxing from a long day of activity.  A balcony is accessible from the Lounge and is a place to enjoy the outdoor fresh air.

The Dining Room looks out over the waterfront with an excellent view of the lake.  It seats approximately 150 persons. For smaller groups, the Dining Room can be split into a dining room and games area.

The Motel Rooms in the Main Building can fit from 4-6 persons.  Each room has its own vanity and washroom.  Shared washrooms with showers are easily accessible from all motel rooms.  Rooms with chairs and desks are also available for those speaking at or programming your retreat.

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Lakeside Building

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The Lakeside Building can be the spotlight of your weekend if you have a sweet-tooth. It is the home of the Tuck Shop as well as more Motel Rooms.

The Tuck Shop is a great pit-stop for your group during free time in the afternoon. It holds a variety of snack foods, such as chips, pop, and chocolate bars.  On your way out of the Tuck Shop, make sure you don't ignore our new t-shirts which are also for sale.

The Motel Rooms in the Tuck Shop Building are quite large on average and can hold 6-12 persons.  All rooms come with their own vanities and washrooms.  Shared shower rooms are easily accessible from all motel rooms.  Rooms A and B also have the luxury of having access to a balcony.

tuck shoplakeside building

Chapel Building

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The Chapel Building is a multi-functional facility that can be used for a variety of retreat activities.

The Gym can be used for a variety of indoor sports, such as floor hockey and basketball, or other group games. A great place to host activities when the weather isn't so favourable during your retreat.

The Gym is also a great place to host sessions for larger groups with a seating capacity of approximately 175-200 persons.

The Games Room is the focal point for free time during your retreat.  Your group can enjoy ping pong and foosball in the Games Room. This is definitely a place to hangout and relax during your weekend at the camp.

The Motel Rooms in the Auditorium can fit from 3-6 persons.  Rooms 1-4 come with their own vanity and washroom, while all rooms have access to shared washrooms with showers.


Cover-All Building

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The Cover-All Building was completed in the Fall of 2008 and is the newest addition to the camp. During the Spring and Fall, it can be used for a variety of indoor group games when the weather is not so pleasant.  During the Winter, your group can use the large ice surface for hockey, broomball, or skating.

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