Graphite Bible Camp is located 21 km north of Bancroft on Graphite Lake. It was founded in 1960 to provide a camping experience to children of the area, without a financial burden to parent or child. This remains our policy.

Our Goal:
Is to provide a camping experience for boys and girls, in a wholesome and safe environment of fun and fellowship, and to tell of God’s love and good news for them.

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Graphite Bible Camp

Bus Routes: 

Camp Arrival 10:15 am  Departure 4:30 pm (click on each bus route to see the map of where the bus travels near you)

1st Camp (July 3rd - July 14th):
Bus A  Leave from R & L Bus lines 8:45, Hermon School 9:10, McArthurs Mills Store 9:15, Fort Stewart/Whytes Rd 9:25, Boulter Store 9:30, Mayhew Rd 9:40, Graphite Rd. E. to Camp
Bus B  Barry’s Bay Legion 9:10, (Pickups along Hwy 62 before Combermere), Moxam Rd to Camp 9:55   
Bus C  Palmer Rapids (Arena) 9:10, Combermere (White Pine Loop) 9:25, Purdy 9:35, South Papineau Lake Rd. 9:40, XTR Esso 9:45, Maple Leaf 9:50, Church Rd. 9:55, McAlpine Rd to Camp
Bus D  Musclow Greenview/East Loop (South), 9:15, East Loop 9:20, Welch Rd (West) 9:25, Hillsview (West) 9:35, 62 (West) 9:45, Maynooth Station 9:50, Maynooth Community   Center 9:55, Old Hastings Rd 9:57, Scott Line 10:00, graphite Rd to Camp 10:05

2nd Camp (July 17th - July 28th):
Bus A  Wilberforce (Clement Lk Rd and Agnews Store) 9:05, Harcourt 9:15, Highland Grove 9:20, Baptiste Village 9:30, Woodcox Rd 9:35, Y Road 9:40
Bus B  Wilson's Garage 9:40, BC Cafe 9:42, Hwy 62/Buckhill/Parks Rd 9:45, Mountney’s Store 9:47, Hwy 62/Hybla Rd 9:50, Hwy 62/North Baptiste Lake Rd 9:55, Graphite Road to Camp 10:00
Bus C  Madawaska School 9:00, Whitney LCBO 9:15, North MacKenzie Lk. Rd. 9:30, Centre Rd Lake St Peter 9:35, Madawaska Rd 9:45, East Lake Rd 9:47
Bus D  Musclow Settlement 9:20, Parks Rd (South End) 9:30, Fransky Sub. 9:35, Laundry Sub. 9:35, Hybla Rd 9:45, Cross Country/TowerRd 9:50, Cross Country Road to Camp 10:00

3rd Camp (July 31st - August 11th):

3rd Camp (August 1st - August 12th):
Bus A  Coe Hill 9:05, Hwy 62 & 620 Intersection 9:20, Upper Turriff Rd 9:25, L’Amable 9:30, Quarry Road 9:35, Bay Lake Rd 9:37
Bus B  Paudash School 9:00, Cardiff School 9:10, Paudash General Store 9:20, Bow Lake 9:25, Siddon Lk 9:30, Reid Rd 9:32, Monk Rd 9:35
Bus C  Valleyview Drive 9:35, All Children from Town getting on Bus at Bancroft Bible Chapel 9:40
Bus D  Lakeview Rd 9:25, Clear Lake Rd 9:35, Maxwell Settlement Rd 9:40, Golfview Drive 9:45 (this route depends on enrollment so if it is not full enough we will add it to another route as was done in 2015/2016)


If all the information above has been reviewed thoroughly in its entirety, please click the button below to fill out our online form.

Graphite Bible Camprecreationrecreation

Registration Information

Graphite Bible Camp







Pre-Registration Only!!

We do our best to plan bus routes with registrants. Please help us by not overloading our busses with surprise first day campers or without vital information needed for their health and safety.  Registration forms can be mailed, delivered in person, emailed, faxed or called in ahead!! If you are not registered at the camp by the Wednesday before your camp starts you must drive your child to camp the first day and register them at the office.    Anyone registering from Thursday onwards will be confirmed on an individual basis…we do want them here, just not on a crowded bus.

What to Bring 

 Please mark your child’s belongings so that they can be returned if misplaced.

 Note:  We have adopted the dress code of the local Public Schools requiring that all campers dress modestly, considering the activities and sports programs they will be involved in...The guidelines for unacceptable attire are as follows:

- Clothing which displays alcohol logos
- Offensive t-shirts/tops (inappropriate pictures/language)
- Crop/halter/spaghetti strap/sheer/absolutely no low cut tops
- Tops/shirts must meet top of shorts/pants (midriffs covered)
- Shorts must be a modest length for active sports and activities
- Modest Bathing Suits Only. Absolutely no bikinis (Your child will not be allowed to participate in lessons, free swim or other water activities even with a t-shirt covering)

Do Not Bring

POCKET KNIVES or VALUABLES such as: Cell phones, i-pods, rings, watches, glasses, extra money, wallets/purse, designer clothing, expensive hats, electronics etc… anything that may be misplaced/broken.

Camp Confirmations

ALL CAMPER APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED…if registrations exceed bus seating limitations you will be notified of transportation adjustments. If you require a confirmation, email us your campers name and what camp they are attending and we will reply to your email with your camper’s confirmation.  


To enable every child in our community an equal opportunity to attend camp, no registration fee has ever been required. The camp continues to be funded by free-will donations from individuals. (Tax- deductible receipts are issued) Any gift is gratefully received.

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