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Graphite Bible Camp is nestled among the hills in Hastings County, Ontario, 13 miles north of the village of Bancroft.  The camp came into existence
because the camp founders, Doug and Marion
Robinson, had a burden to see all the children
in the Bancroft area experience a summer
camp no matter what they could afford financially.

Doug and Marion's concern for the area arose
because of the nature of Doug's business.  
He drove his Texaco truck through the small
towns and farming area six days a week.  
Everywhere he went there seemed to be boys
and girls with nothing to do.  At this time there
was nothing in the area for children to get involved
in and many of the families would not be able to afford the luxury.

Graphite Bible Camp

God would eventually give Doug and Marion a vision for Graphite Bible Camp.  By faith God would be trusted to meet the daily needs of the camp.  The couple shared their burden with others and God soon blessed them with the current location, a nine-acre field.  Doug and Marion soon gave up their business and gave their lives to the camp ministry.

To this day, Graphite's Day Camp program is still strictly run on free will donations and our low Overnight Camp fee is set to allow youth to be able to enjoy a camping experience that they might not otherwise be able to.

graphite bible campGraphite Bible Camp