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Lakeside Building

The Lakeside Building can be the spotlight of your weekend if you have a sweet-tooth. It is the home of the Tuck Shop as well as more Motel Rooms.

The Tuck Shop is a great pit-stop for your group during free time in the afternoon. It holds a variety of snack foods, such as chips, pop, and chocolate bars.  On your way out of the Tuck Shop, make sure you don't ignore our new t-shirts which are also for sale.

The Motel Rooms in the Tuck Shop Building are quite large on average and can hold 6-12 persons.  All rooms come with their own vanities and washrooms.  Shared shower rooms are easily accessible from all motel rooms.  Rooms A and B also have the luxury of having access to a balcony.

buildingtuck shoplakeside building